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Building contract  
Start of Production  
Keel laid  
1/11/1995 Launch and sea trials  
1996 Laid up after Oceanfast Ferries went bankrupt. Take over by ANZ Bank. New name Caraibe Jet.  
20/10/2000 Sold to AG Ems, Borkum, Germany  
6/11/2000 New name Polarstern  
11/3/2001 Delivered to AG Ems, Borkum, Germany  
28/4/2001 Papenburg - Ditzum - Emden - Emshaven - Borkum route.  
9/2008 Sold to Lindaliini AS , Tallinn, Estonia.  
5/11/2008 New name Karolin.  
4/2009 Tallinn - Helsinki route.