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22/12/1978 Building contract to build a Viking Saga  
Start of Production  
8/1979 Keel laid  
4/1/1980 Launch  
21/6/1980 Delivered to Rederi AB Sally, Mariehamn, Finland.  
27/6/1980 Helsinki - Stockholm route operated Viking Line  
6/1982 Sold to Suomen Yritysrahoitus OY, charter back to Rederi AB Sally  
1985 Ground near Sandhamn, Stockholm archipelago, repaired on drydock  
29/4/1986 Last day on Viking Line service Helsinki - Stockholm route  
5/1986 Refurbished to cruiseship on Wärtsilä Helsinki shipyard.  
Fire on engine room extinguished by the shipyard staff.  
5/1986 Named to Sally Albatross  
16/5/1986 Start to cruises from Helsinki to Baltic Sea , mostly 25 hour cruises to sea , also  
Leningrad and Visby cruises. Operated by Sally Cruises.  
2/1987 Rederi AB Sally sold to Effjohn (Silja Line)  
1987 Build new Sky Bar.  
6/1-16/2/1988 Rebuild on Schichau Seebeckwerft AG, Bremerhaven.  
Build new suites, originaly small cabins replaced to larger cabins.  
2/1988 Continue cruises to Baltic sea  
2/1989 New owner Partrederiet Sally Albatross.  
1/1990 Drydock on Nacka shipyard on Sweden. Refurbished on restaurants, nightclub and  
conference facilities.  
9/1/1990 Fire started on repairs and sprinkler system was turned off for the docking.  
12/1/1990 Ship burned uncontrollably for three days. It maek heavily damages, only ships  
engineroom  and some under cardeck parts of ship saved.  
25-27/6/1990 Ship towed to Mäntyluoto, Finland where removed all sructures over cardeck.  
27/6/1990 Contract to rebuild ship on Rauma Yards Oy, Finland  
9/1990 Hull towed to Naantali, where it cut into several sections. Then moved to Rauma  where  
start to rebuild a ship. Ships hull lengthened for 13 meters.  
25/7/1991 Launch and nemed again Sally Albatross  
5/2/1992 Delivered to Sally AB, Mariehamn, Finland  
25/3/1992 Maiden voyage from Helsinki to Tallinn  
26/3/1992 Cuises to Tallinn. Summer season cruises to St. Petersburg, Visby and fridays to Tallinn.  
16/7-17/8 1992 Chartered to Svea 92 (a Swedish consortium for advancing exports) as a hotel and conference  
ship for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.  
17/8/1992 Back to normal cruise schedule Cruises to Visby and St. Petersburg , Winter time 24 hour cruises to Tallinn.  
4/3/1994 Ran aground on thick ice sea outside of Porkkala. She was towed to shallow waters and her passengers  
evacuated to Ice Breakers and ferry Saint Patrick II.  
16/4-20/4/1994 Afloaded again and towed to Vuosaari Shipyard, Helsinki.  
Summer 1994 Bottom repaired and removed those parts interior witch was under water.  
10/1994 Towed to I.N.M.A Shipyard, La Spezia, Italy, where rebuilding takes few months.  
10/1994 Charter to Norwegian Cruise Line, named to Leeward, Panama Flag  
7/1995 Delivered to NCL. Cruises to Caribbean.  
1997 Collides with Great Mayan Reef near Cancun  
12/1999 End of Charter to NCL , new contract charter ship to Star Cruises. Drydocking and refurbished.  
3/2000 Named Superstar Taurus , delivered to Star Cruises , Cruises around Asia. Mostly Fukuoka - Busan cruises  
12/3/2000 Maiden voyage from pusan, South korea to Kobe and Fukuoka, Japan  
12/2001 Star Cruises broke the charter contract and next month ship moved back to Europe.  
16/2-6/2002 Arrived to Naantali shiprepair yard and refurbished  
21/5/2002 Named to Silja Opera and Sweden flag.  
6/2002 Small fire on battery room, extinguished by the ships crew.  
29/6/2002 Back in Silja Line service, cruises from Helsinki to Tallinn, Visby and Riga and St. Petersburg.  
17/9/2003 Silja Opera collided with three cargo vessels at St.Petersburg harbour on 17.9.2003. The ship was on her way from  
St.Petersburg to Helsinki.  
12/11/2003 Silja Opera collided with ice breakers at St.Petersburg harbour on 12.11.2003. The ship was on her way from  
St.Petersburg to Helsinki.  
1/10/2004 Stockholm - Mariehamn - Tallinn cruises  
4/2/2005 Helsinki - Tallinn cruises  
Summer 2005 > Cruises from Helsinki to Visby, St. Petersburg and Tallinn  
10/1/2006 Turku - Mariehamn - Kapellskär route, replaced Silja Europa  
13/2/2006 Last arrival to Turku  
15-16/2/2006 Ship moved to Stockholm , where laid up for sale.  
21-25/5/2006 Ship moved to Tilbury, UK. Laid up for sale  
14/7/2006 New owner Sea Containers Opera Ltd. Named to Opera, Bahamas flag.  
10/5/2007 Sold to Opera Acquisition, LLC (Louis Cruise Lines)  
6/2007 Refurbished on Eleusis Shipyards, Greece  
7/2007 Named to Cristal and Greece flag  
23/7/2007 Cruises on Mediterranean  
1/8/2008 Collision on Piraeus harbour between Cristal and Anek Lines ferry Lissos  
1/3/2011 New name Louis Cristal  
Summer 2012 Cruises from Piraeus and Istanbul