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Building contract  
Start of Production  
16/11/1951 Keel laid  
15/1/1953 Launch and named to Birger Jarl  
4/6/1953 Delivered to Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden.  
9/6/1953 Maiden voyage Stockholm - Helsinki route also operated Stockholm - Mariehamn route.  
1970 Operated by Silja Line Stockholm - Mariehamn route  
1973 Sold to Jakob Lines. Build a ramp to cardeck, earlier need to lifted cars by crane to ship  
summer 1973 Named to Bore Nord and sail Pietarsaari - Skellefteć route  
1974 Charter to Rederi Ab Bore  
1976 .Sold to Rederi Ab Bore  
1976 Sold to Godby Shipping and named to Minisea  
winter 1976/77 Charter to hotelship on Oslofjord  
10/1978 Sold to Carribean Shipping Co Inc, Panama and named to Baltic Star  
Winter 1978 Rebuild on Turku , new Skybar and cardecks on stern build to cabins  
8/1979 Operated by Ćnedin Linjen 7 days cruises Stockholm - Riga - Gdansk - Bornholm -  
Stockholm and 24 h cruises Stockholm - Mariehamn  
1982 Steamengine replaced by MAN diesel engine.  
1982 Stockholm - Mariehamn route  
1987 Build more cabins on Rauma, Finland.  
1988 New main engine  
1993 Sprinklers installed  
3/2002 Sold to Rederi Allandia AB and have back original name Birger Jarl.  
2/3/2010 Trapped on ice voyage from Mariehamn to Stockholm, return next day to Mariehamn  
3-10/3/2010 Voyages cancelled due to ice condition.  
30/9/2010 Planned last day on Stockholm - Mariehamn cruises.  
3/10/2010 Continued to operate at exceptional permission  
3-4/2011 Upgraded on Stockholm.  
18/4/2011 Continued to operate at exceptional permission  
18/1-13/3/2013 Laid up at Stockholm  
13/3/2013 Back in service  
23/6/2013 Last departure from Stockholm.  
1/7/2013 Ćnedinlinjen  quit Stockholm - mariehamn service.  
7/2013 Used as hotel ship on Stockholm  
2015 Summer and autumn make some cruises on archipelago. Mostly used as hostel.