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                                                 Passenger Facilities



Capacity Deck Size Photo          
Restaurant Roslagen 120 4 224a 05062009383q 004a      
        005a 006a        
Restaurant Remmaren 100 4 159a 153a 154a 156a    
Reception 4 IMG_2296 x          
Tax Free Shop 4 IMG_2306a          
Parfymeria 4 IMG_2305a          
Sun deck 7 119a IMG_2284 x IMG_2283 x 130a    
Sky Bar 200 6 116a 117a IMG_2293_edited IMG_2294_edited    
Sun deck 6 IMG_2290 x IMG_2291 x 139a 05062009384a    
Cocktail Bar 70 5 IMG_2281 x IMG_2282_edited IMG_2288_edited 146a    
        147a 174a IMG_2289 x      
VIP Room 5